Published September 15, 2014

Tessa Winters spends her life blanketed in anxiety, only letting her best friends, Quinn and Riley, into her inner sanctum. When they disappear, the young woman panics. She tries desperately to get their families to help her find them, only to be met with resistance and helplessness.

When Tessa awakes in an unfamiliar room behind a locked door, her heart sinks: her worst fears have come to pass. It isn’t long after waking up that the formidable Mr. Clean makes his presence known to Tessa.

Who is Mr. Clean? Where are Riley and Quinn? What will happen to Tessa and her friends?

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Amazon (Kindle - This goes to the US site. To find Lullaby in Kindle edition on your regional Amazon, search "Alison Insco")
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CreateSpace (paperback)
Barnes & Noble (Nook and paperback)
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